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Whatever the need, be it layout, logos or custom graphics. CodeNYC provides graphic design solutions for the marketplace. From start to finish each project is prepared for both press or digital format. Specialties include idea development, logo design, banner ads, visual arts and custom design services.

Brand Design

The driving force behind this company is to lead and motivate businesses into becoming their brand identity. Designs are built from the ground up and carefully tailored for each client. After all everyone holds their very own uniqueness. It's all about maintaining your voice through cross markets — brand design packaging is here to accomplish this very task.

Custom Graphics

What makes for great design? It's all about thinking outside of the box. Having a solid background in fine arts, graphic design and print — the foundation is formed. One thing for sure is that you're guaranteed a definite original. Custom art pieces are uniquely made from variations of selected mediums; including photos, art, digital, brushed and/or traditional (hand drawn). Why go with stock art when you can go CUSTOM? Maybe perhaps you may already have a photo selection in mind. CodeNYC also offers photo retouching services to complete the design package. Includes color correction, photo compositions, spot removals, silo paths and background image replacements.

In-Office Graphics

Ideal for Corporate Settings, Government and Independent Contractors. Helping you in the day-to-day operations to communicate your message. These services fall into three main categories. Promotional — Media Kits, Powerpoint Presentations and Banner Ads. Communications — Interactive/Electronic Forms, Infographics, Word Templates and Customized Stationary. Print — AD Cards, Booklets, Brochures, Pamphlets, Packaging and Display Banners. Capability Statement inquires... [View Download Insert Here].

Web Design

All sites are fully responsive and designed to function on mobile, tablet and desktop environments. The turnaround time for each project varies according to specified details and submittal of all required materials. Estimates are individually based upon the complexity to execute and produce the site. Website Packages are split into two catergories. Basic: Up to 5 pages — includes Home, About, Portfolio of 20 images, Services and Contact. Premium: Up to 15 pages — includes the Basic Package plus Sitemap, Shop and other Customized Pages.

List of Services

  • Creative Design
  • Idea Development
  • Banner Ads
  • Electronic Forms
  • Custom Graphics
  • Brand Design
  • Event Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Presentations
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Retouching
  • Visual Arts

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